Embers Candles Testimonials

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Sarah S – 5 star
Absolutely love these candles , the crackling wick is great and there is a gentle fragrance constantly. I have already ordered more.

Lisa BM – 5 star
Thanks for my amazing candles; scent is beautiful and delivered so quickly!

Susan Wyart — 5 star
Thanks for my amazing candles. The crackling sound and smell is divine!!!

Selena Hamer — 5 star
Amazing products and amazing kind caring service from the owner.

Sherrie Fairhurst — 5 star
Received my candles today. They are fantastic. Would highly recommend and will definitely be purchasing more.

Stacey Wilson — 5 star
Received my candle today and they look and smell lovely! Will definitely be purchasing more! Thanks

Lynn Pope — 5 star
Perfectly lush!

Eduarda De Castro — 5 star
Received my candle today and I’m very happy with both quality of product and service. Everything as promised, superb!!